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Take a look at all of the investors who have indicated an interest in your Sector. Take some time to look at the investors who have also put ‘All Business Sectors’ in their profile. These investors are open to all opportunities. Choose investors.

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Let your investors know that you’d like to meet them. Select your Sector and All Business Sectors and then select your investor(s), write your pitch/proposal and checkout. Your fee starts at £0 for one investor – but consider the amazing value and chances gained by selecting multiple investors. CORONAVIRUS UPDATE ALL ACCESS TO INVESTORS IS ENTIRELY FREE.


Find out if the feeling is mutual

The investors will either accept or reject your invitation. This process can take up to a couple of weeks, so be patient. If any investors want to chat, they will be in touch.


Pitch to your potential investors

Meet your investor(s) at the agreed time and and chat – online, on the phone or in person – however you both decide.


Hear the verdict

Your potential investor(s) will let you know quickly whether or not they are happy to continue the conversation into the future. Hopefully a bright future of investment and support for your new business.

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