Business Insight 8 – Holidays in the early stages of your business (blog & vlog)


I had a great run up to the second week in December ‘73, then it was as if somebody had thrown a switch and nobody was interested in my proposition anymore. The experienced Alpine salesmen said this always happened at Christmas and it would probably be better to conserve my energy and come flying back in the new year.

I didn’t need a lot of persuading to power down as I had really thrown myself into being a self-employed double glazing salesman, and had earned at least twice as much as I used to earn in a year. In the eight weeks since I had started. I got well and truly into spending the money on the various things that we needed for our new flat. It was fantastic: we had a great first Christmas and new year celebration in our new home, and then it was time to go back to work.

INSIGHT 8:- I didn’t realise at the time, but taking effectively 4 weeks off was very bad for me. I lost the rhythm of work and the momentum of success. I found it very hard to get going again, even though I was still relatively new to it. I had quickly got into the bad habits of some of my colleagues: sitting around in coffee bars; doing crosswords; and finding any excuse not to go canvassing for prospects, particularly in the wind, cold and wet of January. I had become an old lag in less than 3 months!


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