Business Insight 99 – Hiring Family or Friends, Good or Bad? (blog & vlog)


He (Paul) had been planning his departure for a few months and indeed was going to start up in competition, replicating our early and successful ideals. He was taking Sue Crawley, two of our best fitting crews, and David Trewin was also recruited from the other now failing spin-off Premier Windows. ‘CW Ltd’ was advertising by that weekend, with a depot on the trading estate in Eastbourne.

This was a big blow, not so much because of Paul leaving but Sue Crawley, who had become an absolute stalwart of the organisation. She had come from South Africa with her husband and two sons, with the sole aim of giving them the best start (her ambition to privately educate them). She had started for us as a canvasser for Paul in Bexhill, and had gone on from there – she was amazing, and in truth, the only person that I genuinely was upset about leaving us. However, we had hired her husband as well, and had had a problem so we let him go; she never forgave us for that.

INSIGHT 99:- Hiring your own friends and family is a big mistake. Hiring a key employee’s family member is an even bigger mistake. 


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