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We were good at engaging the families beyond the salesmen and fitters that kept us going. My local pub, The Yew Tree in Chalvington, is almost unique in having its own cricket field in its grounds. I had been playing pub cricket for fun and thought it would be a good idea to have a family day, plus a ’10 overs a side’ cricket competition.

There were 4 teams from D&T plus two local village teams and an invited team (usually Eastbourne Motors, where we had bought all of our cars and vans), who paid for their own corner. So that’s 7 teams and their families, plus invited friends and hangers-on, usually 300 people. There would be bouncy castles for the kids and an all-day (of course free) bar and BBQ.

The rules were that every player had to bowl one over, and if you scored 25+ runs you came off, giving most people the chance to bat as well. There was a round robin of 2 games each, with the two highest aggregate scores playing in a final.

Just 2 more rules: my team had to end up in the Final, and my team had to win. Rule one, over the 17 years that we held this summer event, was always honoured some way or another, even if it meant me changing teams. Rule two, however, was hardly ever honoured. There was a prize giving and speech, where the ‘trophies’ were the unused salad BBQ vegetables.

INSIGHT 97:- There was never a broken glass or any trouble, even though every adult was usually very ‘over-refreshed’; it was great for engendering goodwill amongst the partners, wives, husbands and children of the people we employed.


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