Business Insight 17 – USP’s (blog & vlog)

I had an idea: what if we opened up the first double glazing showroom in Sussex, in fact anywhere that I was aware of at the time? All of the national companies sold direct to householders from the factory, through commission only sales forces, and got the majority of their business from cold canvassing, either at the door or on the telephone.

Our customers would be able to see full-scale working windows and doors in mock house elevations before they bought, and would have somewhere to go and complain if things went awry, in what had become an industry featured too regularly on consumer programmes (for all of the wrong reasons). We would still let somebody else make it and fit it, and concentrate on the selling.

INSIGHT 17:- We were going to be unique in our community; the local glaziers usually had a sample or two knocking around their show areas (like MGW) or in their glass works, but nobody had a showroom dedicated to these replacement window and door products, in an industry gathering a very bad name for hard selling, poor products and after sales service. Having somewhere on the high street to go and complain is a pretty negative USP, but it would give our customers the confidence to buy in this otherwise disreputable industry. 

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