Business Insight 15 – Dedicated Roles (blog & vlog)

For the first time in a couple of years I was an employee, and paying my Tax and National Insurance as I got paid (PAYE). I was maintaining my lifestyle from savings, so after 18 weeks (and yet another bollocking for not getting round to the customer base) I handed my notice in, telling my boss that I couldn’t afford to subsidise them anymore and that I was fed up with driving the rust bucket they had given me. He was genuinely shocked that I preferred to go back to the ‘insecurity’ of being self-employed, but I had met up with my original business partner, and we were hatching a new plan!

HINDSIGHT 15:- I had not lost any existing accounts. I was getting around to them and building relationships – however, that was being achieved only at the speed that enabled my personal income priority i.e. getting new business. Frequently successful businesses recognise the separate talents of account winning and account servicing, and therefore pay and recruit separate people accordingly.

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