Business Insight 11 – Salespeople (blog & vlog)

I was very happy: within six months of leaving Jaeger I had really found my feet and was being encouraged to recruit my own sales force and take an ‘override’ commission from their sales. Within another three months I had five salesmen working for me, who were earning (me) as much as I was (still) earning from my personal sales. I recruited friends and acquaintances who had been amazed at my new apparent wealth and wanted some of it for themselves. I replicated the training course that I had been on 6 months earlier, applied all of the same logic and crucially lead from the front.

 INSIGHT 11:- Although some of my friends had a desire for good money, I was actually quite surprised that the most eloquent (who I had thought would find it the easiest) didn’t always make the grade. Others less well-educated, or with (assumed) less naturally gifted communication skills, stuck to the presentation format and closed the sales. This was because they were hungrier for success, away from the drudgery of the jobs they might ordinarily be doing, and as a result they didn’t let potential customers off the hook.

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