Business Insight 10 – Top three business attributes (blog & vlog)

That night, on another appointment, I just couldn’t do the same job. I had lost confidence in the company and most of my patter felt like empty lies. My sales conversion rate suffered big time and the ongoing experience of further fitting dramas confirmed that I was only a good salesman, when I knew I was telling 99% of the truth about the products and company I was working for.

At the same time, a colleague had been approached by a local company to work for them. They were a glass works called MGW, who had decided to manufacture windows, doors and double glazing. They had a glass and mirror showroom in a good secondary position with some window and door samples and were getting sales leads, which, however, their traditional glass trade representatives were wasting; as they weren’t prepared to work anti-social hours or weekends, and just measured and quoted the job without trying to close it. They were losing out to my Alpine colleague, even though he had a much higher price.

The company had been trading for 50 years and had a great local reputation, so I thought to myself how much easier it would be to work for them. We struck an excellent deal – ‘commission only’ wise – and my colleague worked in Eastbourne (their principal town), and enjoyed the sales leads. I carried on working the satellite towns with my canvassing operation, and with renewed vigour and belief, did really well.

The sales leads started to dry up for my colleague, so MGW told him to canvass (like me); in fact, they said that I should be getting the leads anyway as a reward for getting cold business. He said he had had enough and went back to Alpine. I never understood this as we never got leads with Alpine anyway: selling for a local company was a comparative breeze, and to top it all they had better products with an excellent service and a more competitive price.

INSIGHT 10:- Great products, excellent service and competitive price, could be called The Holy Trinity of any successful business.


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