Investors will be very interested in how you price for your product or service, and they will also want you to demonstrate your deep understanding of what the market will bear for your offer. We had an example of an Read more ›


Some might call it a USP (unique selling point). Others might look for a patent or registered design to protect the start-up or existing business against copyists or straightforward plagiarists. Whether your product, business or service is ACTUALLY unique or Read more ›

Exceptional service provision

An Investor knows from experience, possibly as a business person but definitely as a customer, what it is to give or get what is sometimes called World Class Service. It’s within the gift of people who are probably obsessive about Read more ›


Profitability is a key factor in any Investor interest, obviously. Any new business must show the potential to be profitable within a few years of starting.┬áInvestors would expect to see some form of sales forecast over at least 3 years, Read more ›


Your business idea or successful start-up business has to have scalability. If it hasn’t got growth potential then it’s highly unlikely that an investor will put his or her hand in their pocket. An investor is looking to exit a Read more ›


Any investor worth their salt will be investing for the medium to long term, as it’s highly unlikely that a start-up or existing small business will reveal instant returns. In this sector of investment, sustainability is a key factor in Read more ›