The Funding Room investors all have one thing in common –  exceptional business acumen and a desire to help shape the successful businesses of tomorrow. Our investors come from a wide range of business backgrounds, from sectors as diverse as property and finance, to music, travel and leisure.

Becoming an ANGEL investor opens the door to new opportunities – to find out more, please contact us by using the form below.

There is NO CHARGE to become an investor and UNIQUELY NO FURTHER CHARGE if you decide to invest in a start up, existing business, scaling opportunity, or any legitimate and exciting funding proposal that comes to you via THE FUNDING ROOM platform.


Sign Up

Using the simple form below, sign up to become an investor. The Funding Room will put together an anonymous profile for your approval. Once approved, you’re live! Take a look at our terms and conditions.


Your Profile

Once your profile is live on The Funding Room website, entrepreneurs and businesses of any size can view your anonymous profile as a potential investor. They will be able to request a meeting with you (either online, on the phone, or in person), to be held at a convenient time. Their request will include a description of the investment opportunity.


Investment Opportunity

Once you have read the proposal and absorbed the investment opportunity there is no obligation to have a conversation or have a meeting – it’s completely your decision.
If you are interested and do accept however, you can arrange a meeting in any format or venue you choose (which is mutually convenient) where the investment opportunity can be discussed in more depth.


A Bright Future....

Once the meeting has taken place you may then be in a position to decide whether you would like to pursue the opportunity.
If the investment opportunity IS exciting and desirable to pursue, you can agree together what next steps you and the funding seeker would like to take.


Invest Wisely

It’s all about the fit! Using your business acumen to select the right investment opportunity is, of course, an essential skill for any investor. But it’s also important to ensure that the relationship and ‘fit‘ between you and the entrepreneur or business feels right from the very start.

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