Do you need start-up funding?

Are you a small business that’s growing fast?

Have you got a great idea that won’t go away?

The Funding Room allows you to have that all-important first conversation with potential investors. This could be the start of something big.



Find potential investors

Visit Investor Profiles to discover investors in your local area.

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Invite investors to chat

Select your investors – the more you select, the better your chances of securing investment – and checkout. Your fee buys a least 15 minutes (and usually a lot longer) with each interested investor. The way you decide to meet is entirely up to you, and don’t forget the fee is refundable in the event of no initial conversation.


Arrange meetings

The investors will receive your pitch and you’ll receive their contact details. Contact the investors and ask to arrange a meeting. If they’re interested then the fee pays for your meeting(s). If no investor(s) want to chat to you, you get your deposit back immediately*


Pitch to your investors

Pitch your potential investors as arranged, however’s convenient for you both. Once it’s over, you’ll find out whether your investor would like to take discussions further.